Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How To Date Canadian Women

If you want to know how to date Canadian women, then this is will be the most important article you’ll ever read.

There are two key secrets you need to know in order to date Canadian women constantly. They deal with pursuit and sending signals. I will give you exact information you need to know in these areas in this article. Follow this advice and you will have no problem when you date Canadian women.

Typically in dating, the man pursues the woman. This presents an interesting problem though when trying to date Canadian women. The problem is by trying to pursue a woman, you are trying to win her approval. That’s a big no-no when it comes to attraction and seduction. Instead, by setting up the right atmosphere, you will make her work for your attention. And a funny thing happens when you do this as you date Canadian women.

They work harder to win your approval. And the more they work at winning your approval, then less they will be picky about you.

So how do you change the tables? I will briefly discuss one strategy here. It’s called “don’t say yes to a request.” Either say no or be indirect. For example, you date Canadian Women and you take them to coffee shops. If she says, “let’s sit here,” You tell her “No, let’s sit over there.” If she asks you to call her tomorrow you say…

“How about you call me? You know you want to.”

See how this changes the dynamics of the relationship? She is now trying to get your attention and approval and you have control.

Once you get control, how do you keep it?

Easy. Mixed signals.

To use this technique to date Canadian women is beyond the scope of this article. Let me just give you a brief overview, and you can research this more in-depth on your own.

Here’s a taste of using “mixed signals”. Tell her you want to be just friends, and then give her a sly smile. Or tell her you don’t approve of what she just did and then kiss her. However, if she does something nice, lightly swat her with a napkin or a menu. Something to that affect.

When you date Canadian women and you keep them off balance like that, they will constantly be trying to understand how to win your approval. You will be in control. And you will be pursued instead of doing the pursing. By doing these two simple things, you will easily be able to date Canadian women.


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