Saturday, 23 September 2017

How to Get an Abused Woman to Trust You

Domestic abuse has been rampant since time immemorial. The recent increase in the spousal abuse is also no indication of any good. These women are abused absolutely for no mistake of theirs. They have to bear with this abuse almost silently and a few lucky women get someone to help them. Rest of the abused women always are left to their fate and sometimes they end up spoiling their mental health when they are kept in a continuous state of fear.

An abused woman always feels unsafe when she is near her abuser. Mostly the abusers are frustrated husbands who end up abusing their wives for getting rid of their frustration. These abused women always live in a state of fear and they hardly socialize with people and choose to remain confined in a room. These are basically signs of abuse and one must try and help such women if they ever can do so. The major part in helping an abused woman is to gain her confidence and trust. The first step in doing so will be to console her and try to help her in solving the tangles of her life.

Most of the abuses are the by-products of unhappy marriages and they can be solved if the partners are willing to reach a common understanding. The hard part is to get the abused woman to trust you, to understand you so that she can get out of her problems. Spousal abuse is the most rampant form of domestic abuse, and it is the women that are mostly on the receiving side. This is something that needs immediate attention and must be curbed.

To get an abused woman to trust you, you need to win over her confidence. This requires a series of approaches through which you can make sure that the abused woman does not take your help in the wrong light. You need to calm her first and try to console her. First of all if there are any physical signs of abuse, such as bruises and cuts you need to get her treated. After the abused woman is physically treated you need to try to treat her mentally.

This mental treatment is the toughest part. There is a chance that the abused woman will take things in an adverse way and you need to convince her that you are doing this for her good. Usually the nurses or assistants in the Rehabs where abused woman are treated need to follow these steps to gain the confidence and the trust of the victim. This is very important in the treatment of the victim because if the victim takes things in the wrong sense it will impair her chances of recovering.

After the woman is feeling better and you are comfortable with her, you need to try and get the reason for all the mess she is in. you should try and speak some soothing words to help her vomit the pain that she has been enduring. You can then try to set the relationship right and try to provide a better life to the abused woman.


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