Friday, 20 October 2017

How to Read Flirting Body Language From Women

Having the ability to read a woman’s body language can be a great skill to have if you’ve established a good understanding of female attraction. It’s been said that up to 90% of communication between men and women is nonverbal.

If you can the develop the ability to quickly identify between flirting body language and a woman displaying disinterest, you can will have a big advantage when it comes to knowing which girls to approach and which you will be wasting your time on. Although body language in and of itself is not a universal truth for every single woman on earth it is a very good way to read a woman regardless of what she is saying. As the saying goes… “the body never lies.”

Below are a few of major signs of female body language attraction…

She Does a Double Take

Let’s say you’re shopping in a grocery store, you’re grabbing a few bananas from the stand and on the other side a cute girl makes eye contact with you briefly. If she looks away and then looks back into your eyes a few seconds later this is a good sign. You’ve at least peaked her interest, so she is looking again. Possibly hoping to catch your eye again. If she looks back and smiles (you know, one of those kinds of smiles), or looks back and seems to be eyeing you up and down; my advice would be to talk to her, immediately.

She Preens Herself

If a woman takes a few seconds to try to improve the way she looks when she sees you, it’s a pretty good sign that she’s interested, or at least finds you attractive and wants you to notice her. Some of the things to look for are: fixing her hair, readjusting her necklace or bracelet, checking her appearance in a mirror if one is nearby, adjusting her clothes (possibly displaying more cleavage). Although doing one of these may not mean much, catching her doing a few of these all while catching your eye from time to time could be female body language attraction signs.

She Maintains Eye Contact

Eye contact is a big one. It should be stated that most girls will not make eye contact with most men they don’t know and if they do it will only be for a second or two tops. If you find a girl maintaining eye contact with you for longer than that or doing a double take as talked about above, then you should definitely consider talking to her. Also having the confidence in yourself to maintain eye contact with a woman you find attractive can be a huge turn on for her. Always make her look away first, this is a subtle way of displaying your dominance as a man. This can be very powerful. If she has a “twinkle” in her eye and keeps smiling as well you should definitely make your move. This alone is probably the strongest sign of flirting body language in my opinion and you shouldn’t hesitate to approach her.

She Mirrors Your Body Language

If you’re having a conversation with a woman and you notice her body language begin to mirror your own, this is usually taken as the beginning of developing rapport with a woman. She’s following your lead in a way and beginning to feel more comfortable and interested in you. Check for this anytime throughout a conversation. Is the way she is sitting/standing the same way that you are? When you take a drink does she do the same? There’s no need to become overly conscious about it but just notice it. If she is beginning to mirror you it’s a pretty good sign that you may have caught one.

She Touches You (a lot)

A girl touching you is almost always a positive sign, unless she’s slapping you after some rude comment you made. That one aside, like eye contact, most women don’t touch men that they don’t know. The fact that she’s touching, poking, brushing or resting her hand on you is a pretty obvious sign that she’s at least comfortable with you. The more sensual the touch the more “interested” she is in you. Her touching you is a pretty clear sign of flirting body language, especially if you just met her. But where she touches you is an even greater sign. If she begins touching your chest, stomach or (especially) your thighs you have a girl who is very interested. Take this as a sign and make a move.

As stated at the beginning, female body language attraction signs can be an ingenious way of uncovering what a woman is really saying. Reading her body language along with a deeper understanding of female attraction in general can take you much further with women than most men ever discover.


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