Wednesday, 20 September 2017

‘I don’t.’ A growing number of Sacramento women make this choice. – Sacramento Bee

A growing number of Sacramento women are delaying marriage – or forsaking it altogether.

About 70 percent of the Sacramento region’s 25-year-old women have never married, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data. By comparison, less than 30 percent of Sacramento women that age had never married in 1980.

Seventeen percent of 40-year-old Sacramento women have never married, compared to just 4 percent of women that age in 1980.

Young adults are delaying marriage for many reasons, including a tough job market, stagnant wages, high debt, changing societal norms and a desire to have fun before settling down. The trend corresponds with the waning influence of religion among young adults, and with falling birthrates.

More women than ever have never married but are living with partners. About 9 percent of Sacramento women between 30 and 34 fall into that category, compared to 2 percent of Sacramento women back in 1980.

In addition, about 10 percent of Sacramento women between 30 and 34 have never married but have children, compared to 1 percent of Sacramento women in 1980.

Sacramento women are nonetheless getting married faster than women in other urban parts of the state. A much larger percentage of women in their 30s in Los Angeles and San Francisco counties have never been married.

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