Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Why a Man Avoids a Woman – Does It Mean He Likes You?

I read this question where a woman asked: Will a guy avoid you if he is developing stronger feelings for you? I remember how confused I used to be about men and their actions, and decided to write an article on why a man avoids a woman, so that more women will know once and for all, what this action really means to a man.

When a man avoids a woman – literally goes to the trouble of avoiding her calls, texts, emails, etc, he is sending her the message that he is not that interested in her – in the strongest, easiest and kindest way he knows how. (Women seldom understand this behavior because when a woman is not interested, she’s less likely to ignore a man, for fear of hurting his feelings further.)

So there are many reasons why a man seems to suddenly lose interest in a woman and start to avoid her. But if you are looking to be in a blissful relationship that leads to marriage, do your best to understand that all this is relatively unimportant. Why? Because:

  1. People change their minds all the time.
  2. You can’t control or manipulate what someone else is thinking, and expect it to turn out to be true love.
  3. Men really don’t think so much about their decisions when it comes to dating. Once it’s a yes or no for them, they decide and let it go.

But, what you really need to know is that a man speaks more with his actions than his words. If a man really likes you, and wants to have a committed relationship with you, he will find a way to make contact with you. The only real reason a man avoids a woman is because he is not that interested in her anymore. Otherwise, he’s an immature man and I advise you not to waste anymore time and save yourself from further heartbreak.

After all, you are looking for a happy and long-term relationship with a high quality man, aren’t you? So if he runs away from you once, you have even less guarantee that he’ll stay, even if you chase him back. Look at his actions and understand what they mean. Ask a few other men what they think it means and take their word for it. Don’t try to understand a man just by using your own female perspectives, because men and women think and behave very differently. What makes sense to you may not to a man.

Also, when a man suddenly hurts you and makes you feel insecure by avoiding you without explaining himself to you, be very cautious with your heart, even if he comes back, apologizes, begs, and tries to pick things up from where he left off.


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