Friday, 20 October 2017

‘Theresa factor’ credited with surge in women candidates as party looks set to make history by securing more women … –

“There will at least be a subconscious feeling that if a woman is good enough to run the country they are good enough to represent your seat,” he said. 

“Secondly, there will be a vague but powerful sense that the Prime Minister wants to have more female Tory MPs. The people doing the selecting know that’s in the ether.”

The female candidates being selected will change the face of the Tory Party, which was attacked for its “toff image” during the David Cameron and George Osborne era. 

While three quarters of Tory candidates running are still expected to be men, the numbers of women contesting winnable seats has notably increased according to campaigners

The Telegraph has talked to a selection of those picked for secure seats who often defy the traditional route from political insider to MP. 

Much of the credit is being given to Women2Win, the campaign Mrs May set up with Baroness Anne Jenkin in 2005 to boost the number of Tory MPs.

Baroness Jenkin said that the Tory leader was inspired to push for change because of the situation she found when elected in 1997. 

“Theresa took a look when she got in, when she was one of 17 Tory female MPs, and just thought this is not acceptable. We are supposed to be a party of equals,” said Baroness Jenkin. 

“After all, it was just years after our first woman prime minister had left and yet we were still struggling to get the numbers. I think that made her feel she needed to do something.”

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