Saturday, 23 September 2017

Mexican officials enrage women by suggesting a young victim’s lifestyle was responsible for her violent death – Los Angeles Times

In life, Lesby Berlin Osorio was a young woman who doted on her dog and was preparing to return to her university studies, her mother told reporters.

In death, however, “Lesby,” as she is referred to by the Mexican media, has become a vivid symbol of what critics call a reprehensible tendency among Mexican authorities to blame women’s personal behavior for violence inflicted on them.

An intense social media backlash here has seen thousands of women and others — using the hashtag, #SiMeMatan (“If They Kill Me”) — reject prosecutors’ comments insinuating that the woman’s lifestyle contributed to her violent death.

The body of Berlin, 22, was discovered early Thursday next to a telephone booth on the sprawling campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, authorities said. She had a telephone cable tied around her neck, according to the city prosecutor’s office.

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