Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Tips to Seduce Women Instantly — Even Those You Don’t Deserve

We’re all looking for the magic secrets to seduce women, and make them swoon at our feet. Well, there really aren’t any “secrets’, because what works with one woman will fail with another. With that said, there are some general tips to seduce women and explode your dating activities. In this article we are going to look at tips to seduce women to give you some ammunition the next time you approach a woman with seduction on your mind. Specifically, we are going to deal with confidence and body language.

A list of tips to seduce women wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t start with confidence. The number one attractive quality in a woman’s eyes is confidence. Let’s look at 3 tips to seduce women with confidence.

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you need one girl too much, you my friend will become desperate. So, until things become very serious, always be dating more than one woman. That way if one tries to squeeze your shoes, you can confidently say “next!”

2. Build a confidence list. Get out a sheet of paper and start listing your strong qualities and accomplishments. Mentally go over this list before approaching a woman or taking a woman out on a date.

3. Practice. Just like you can’t learn to ride a bike by going to a seminar, you can’t build confidence by reading a few articles. Use chat rooms to learn how to dialog in a seductive way with women, and take advantage of every opportunity to test your seduction lines on women you see.

Those were some tips to seduce women with confidence. Now let’s look at some tips to seduce women with body language.

1. How to use body language to get the first kiss? It’s simple. Lean forward, and touch her hair. After caressing it for a few seconds, comment on how soft it is. Did she pull away? If she’s not ready to be kissed she will. However, if she didn’t, try step two. Look at her eyes, then look at her lips. Repeat this a few times. If she hasn’t pulled away from you by now, she won’t. That means she is giving you the go ahead to kiss her. Every time I’ve used this little body language trick, it’s worked.

2. Physiology. This one is tied in with confidence. Pick someone who you know who is very successful with women. It can be a person in real life, or someone on television. After you find some “babe getter”, what do you do next? Simply study how they carry themselves, how they walk, how they breath, what facial expressions they use, etc. Then what do you do? You simply copy them! I could get scientific here and tell you about physiology studies and how they relate to behavior, but I’ll spare you. Let’ just put it this way. When I started turning my dating life around, it was because I studied some one’s body language, and simply copied it. Immediately it gave me the confidence I needed to approach women.

These are just a few tips to seduce women with body language. Use this tips with the tips to seduce women with confidence, and you’ll be 80% of the way there. To get the other 20%, you must amass a small library of other tips to seduce women, and then learn how to apply those in the right situations. So, if you want maximum success with women I suggest you start practicing these tips to seduce women while at the same time continually learning more!


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