Sunday, 22 October 2017

How to Use Kinesthetic Strategies to Attract Women

Touch is perhaps the most powerful form of human communication. Usually when we interact with people, we only focus on communicating verbally. By touching somebody, you can create a very powerful, emotional connection.

Touching done correctly is one of the fastest ways to accelerate a relationship.When you combine what you say with the power of touch, you hugely reinforce your message on a number of different levels. By touching people, we will give others an impression of ourselves and we also show our emotions.

It is a scientific fact that when you touch somebody, even with the lightest tip, you can create powerful physical sensations in their body. Armed with the right information about how and when to touch, you can really connect with people. Whenever you meet new people, your body should also be communicating as you speak. If you combine touch with what you say verbally, you’re likely to be much more successful. You can use your touch to achieve the following:

  • Create incredible sexual attraction in someone you desire Make new friends instantly
  • Discover when someone is attracted to you
  • Create a sense of trust

These are some of the benefits of becoming successful at understanding and using your own power of touch.

Creating sexual tension is less about talk and more about playing with the energy that exists between two people. The way to do this is to simply touch the person you are talking to. After all, the difference between a best friend and a lover is that her lover touches her. She wants you to do this, to be the man and in doing so, you are taking the lead.

Within the first three seconds, you should touch the person you are attracted to. This shows that you are very natural, confident and used to physical contact. At the start you should initiate touch at every possible opportunity. This generates fast intimacy and creates strong sexual tension. You can start by lightly touching their arm with the outside of your hand as you make a point. If they are comfortable with that, you can then progress. As they become more comfortable with your touch, then you can lessen the frequency, but when you do, touch longer and more intimately.

As stated above, any time you touch somebody early in the conversation, you should keep it short but frequent. An example is if they make fun of you in any way, you can say “Hold out your hand” and when they do, lightly slap it down and say “Shame on you” and smile. This always gets good reactions and they will smile back.

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