Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Women and Sweaty Armpits

Women, are you sick and tired of getting sweaty armpits? Do you throw away shirt after shirt because of those gross yellow sweat stains that ruin your clothes? Women and sweaty armpits are not a good combination. The goal of every woman is to avoid this at all cost, especially when in public. No one wants to be caught with sweat marks under her arms. It’s embarrassing. It’s uncomfortable. It’s time to get rid of it once and for all. Here are a few suggestions:

Antiperspirant: this is what helps to prevent sweating. If you are using a deodorant without antiperspirant in it that might be the cause to your sweating problem. You need antiperspirant!

Medication: if antiperspirant doesn’t work for you, go to your doctor. He can give you prescription antiperspirant, like Drysol, that is stronger and will do a better job of preventing those sweaty armpits.

Liposuction: yes, that’s right. Liposuction can eliminate sweaty armpits. By getting liposuction under your arm you can get your sweat glands in that area taken out, thus getting rid of the sweat.

Botox: another interesting, yet successful, way of eliminating underarm sweat. When you get botox injections in your armpit, the transmissions from the nerves to the sweat glands are cut off, so the sweat glands are no longer told to make your body sweat.

No more sweaty armpits, ladies. No more fear of going out in public. You can get rid of those sweat stains and the uncomfortable situations they’ve created in your life. You can be in control again. Try one of the suggestions above. Try them all if you want to. You will find the solution that works best for you.


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