Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Nurturing His Affection – How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

Do you want to make your boyfriend love you more? If so, this is the most important page you’ll ever read. You are about to discover the ultra rare secrets to make your boyfriend love you more. Read every single word of this page with utmost attention.

Here are four effective tips to make your boyfriend love you more…


Men find admiration from a woman addictive. Admiration from a woman gives a man fulfillment and makes him feel worthy. If you give him compliments and tell him that you admire him, his desire to please you will increase. Admiration is a drug because of this simple equation. For MEN, HAPPY WOMAN = ADMIRING WOMAN!

Never Nag

Men don’t like nagging. It is one of the things that turn men off. And men hate nagging. Never nag him about why he didn’t gift you, why he didn’t come to pick you up or why he didn’t call you. If you do nag him, you have just pushed him away from you.

Be Present-Minded

Real intimacy occurs when both of you are in the present moment. Focus on the present moment and have fun. This is what all men like. Men are naturally inclined to think about the future and he will definitely think about it. But you must focus on the present and have the best time posssible in the moment.

A wise man once said: “Life is not defined by the moments you breathe. Your life is defined by the moments that take your breath away”

When you are present minded, both of you will be intimate and your souls will connect. The more the moments you take his breath away, the more madly he’ll love you. Always be present minded and you will captivate him.

Let Go Off Him A Little

See what happens if you let go off him a little. Don’t call him or talk to him for a day or two. He’ll go mad and chase you like a cat that chases the string. This will open up his feelings faster than you ever thought was possible.

Flirt With Other Men

I’m not telling you to do this. But you can do it to arouse his jealousy and get him to confess his undying love towards you. All you need to do is ignore him for a bit and talk to his friends. He’ll go mad if you do this.


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