Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How to Attract Women Through Teasing

Some skills in relationships are useful in discerning how to attract women, and others are more useful in maintaining a relationship. We'll focus first on the phase of attraction, which occurs after you've opened the contact, but before she is really into you. During the teasing phase, the goal is convincing her you're cool, by showing a wide range of skills and behaviors that will grab her interest.

If you have trouble making meaningful contact with women, you need to learn how to attract women by using teasing. It's so important since it accomplishes many goals at the same time. It lets your woman know that you are not intimidated, you are willing to make fun of her and you are unafraid of joking. It will also show her that you do not place her above you, on a pedestal.

Teasing also sets up the social value in your interaction. If you're not very cool, you could not get away with teasing someone who does happen to be cool. If teasing works for you, you have established a frame that shows you as a little cooler than her. Try teasing early as a way of learning how to attract women, without being rude. Make it light and playful, so she knows you're not intimidated by her.

One favorite tease is telling your woman that it's obvious her last boyfriend did not spank her enough. Be sure to smile at her, and touch her gently, while you tease. Do not act stiff, or the teasing will not come across in the right way. Teasing and touching may confuse her a bit, and that's a point in your favor. You can also learn how to attract women by telling your girl that she's a pain in the ass. You can add to this to make it more funny and less rude.

The push pull line is a valuable way of using an insult and then a compliment, delivered in a way that makes her have to figure out your meaning. Giving her a choice between positive and negative consequences will send her the right message, since it shows her that although you do not dislike her, either.

One way of developing how to attract women that can not be overlooked is that while sarcasm says something positive while meaning you do not like her, teasing is actually using a mean comment while you like that.

Be sure that teasing your woman includes the sub-level of your communication, which tells her that you like her. Do not just use teasing in a way that might lead her to think you do not like her. Teasing can let her know that you're not one of the stiff, unnatural men she may meet all too often.


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