Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Erotic Lingerie

If you think the nights you share with your partner has become unbearably cold, perhaps it’s time to pour in some more action into those shared moments. One way of eliciting just about the right mood to set the bedroom ablaze is by putting on your most provocative lingerie. Time to flaunt your best assets with the sexiest bit of erotic lingerie.

Erotic lingerie speaks of the wearer’s style as much as her sexual moods. Everything from the color, the materials, and the cut radiate a distinct character and speaks of her sexual fantasies. The erotic lingerie lets you know how a woman sees herself. As much as the clothes she wears, the lingerie reflects the deeper personality. Does she adore herself and thinks of herself as a thing of beauty? Does she find herself seductive and attractive? Here are a few tips in choosing the best erotic lingerie for your much-anticipated night.

1. Satin, silk and lace should make it to the top of your list. Don’t hesitate on choosing the pricier fabrics as these pieces will add glamour to your passionate lovemaking.

2. Show off and accentuate on those gorgeous bust lines by choosing push-up and padded bras. Team these up with skimpy thongs.

3. Get him to want more by putting on see-through cover-up. You may add on some fine, sheer fabrics like lace and then drape and skim them around your body to create sexier silhouette.

4. Size always matters. Sporting that hot, ultra-sexy bra is pointless if it does not fit your body at all. So make sure you’ll get the perfect-sized bra for your body. And remember, the perfect-fitting bra spells confidence in all corners. Even how the bra looks from behind shows the fitting. If it comes up in the back, the bra may be too large for you. As the band provides support, it must be fitting enough to keep everything in place and at the same time feels comfortable and does not restrict movement.

5. As you hit the shops for your erotic lingerie, go for details like ribbons, ruffles and lace.

6. Play on different characters with erotic costumes or playsuits you can find in the shops. Explore on your wildest sexual fantasies with different accessories, from net stockings, catsuits, bodynet or gloves. But keep in mind that though these “sex games” can be fun, don’t overdo it. The purpose of this game is just to add diversity.


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