Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Women take up just 9 percent of senior IT leadership roles, survey finds – CNBC

“In a striking development, female respondents are far more likely to have received a salary increase compared with their male peers: Clear evidence perhaps that traditional gender salary inequalities may be starting to be addressed?,” the survey report said.

One other suggestion for the pay rise is that many countries are now requiring firms to report on the gender pay gap within their organization. For instance, the U.K. introduced this requirement in April, obligating firms with more than 250 staff to publish the gender pay gap between their male and female employees.

The gender pay gap is a hot button issue for many. A recent report from job recruitment website Hired found that in 63 percent of cases, women received a lower salary offer than a man for the same job. The offer was on average 4 percent lower.

Jessica Kirkpatrick, a data scientist for Hired, warned that gender bias also influenced access to opportunities.

“Fifty-three percent of the time, companies only interviewed male candidates for a given role, whereas the reverse was true just 6 percent of the time,” she said in a blog post in April.

“Long term, these kinds of biases may explain why U.S. women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are 45 percent more likely than their male peers to leave the industry within their first year.”

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