Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Mistress Foot Worship – Find Dominant Women And Worship Their Feet

If you are a submissive man, interested in mistress foot worship, the next few paragraphs will explain how you can avoid wasting your time and money on “alternative lifestyle” sites and where you can go online to find a dominant woman who requires attention given to her feet.

In 2009 it was estimated by Internet Trends that two new alternative dating sites were being opened each month. The average price for premium (all-feature) membership was $39.95. The most common reason for joining was to find a dominant woman to serve and the most common fetish among over 11,000 submissive men interviewed was that of “feet”.

The trouble with many new fetish dating websites is they are overly expensive and, upon joining, you find out they have very few members in your area; a waste of time and money. The two most expensive new sites I investigated this month charge a monthly membership fee $65.50 and $110, respectively. This is”needless” expense.

I will now give you my simple mistress foot worship method of online dating.

The popular “vanilla” dating communities tend to offer free membership (that includes all premium features) to women. Although these sites are mainstream, they do in fact tend to have very large communities for those of us interested in alternative lifestyles. This combination encourages thousands of dominant women a month to join such sites. According to internet trends the biggest groups within mainstream dating services are for foot worship and dominant and submissive relationships.

My method aimed at submissive men is simple. You should select a popular mainstream dating community. Make a profile and write about your fetishes and your desire for meeting a dominant woman whose feet you wish to worship. These sites employ intelligent matching software that will link your interests and desires to your target matches. So, right away, you have improved your chances of hearing from these type of women.

After making your profile, you should put in a search for local women, but filter your search with certain keywords. Some of these sites actually allow you to filter by keywords. What you can do is use words like “mistress”, “feet”, “foot fetish”, and so on. You will now see a list of your target demographic.

All you need to do now is begin sending them friend requests. Within a very short time they will begin accepting and you will have a list of friends attached to your profile who are female, dominant, and in need of a submissive to lavish attention on their feet. This is how you find your mistress foot worship partner.


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