Saturday, 21 October 2017

Best Female Orgasm – What Are the Signs?

The best female orgasms for a woman usually have some tell tale signs that can be observed if you pay attention. Naturally, different women will consider different types of orgasm as the best female orgasm. So take this brief article as a very general guide to understand and detect a few signals that you may be able to notice during some of the best orgasms for women. Since every woman is a unique individual, not all of the following signals will apply to everyone all the time. With that qualifier in mind, let us look at some of the signs.

1. The woman’s heartbeat goes up significantly. If you are in a sex position that places your body next to hers, you will be able to detect her heartbeat increasing significantly. This is something that most people cannot control so when this happens in bed you can be fairly sure that she is sexually stimulated.

2. The woman’s breathing gets faster as she nears orgasm and often stops for a short while when orgasm first happens. You will usually also notice her body will really tense up at this point. As you may know, muscles in the pelvic and lower areas need to tense up in order for orgasm to happen. You should be able to feel the tension in these parts as she builds towards her orgasm. This tension usually relaxes a few moments after the orgasm has taken place.

3. If you want to give your partner the best female orgasm you can, make sure you make love to her in a consistent rhythmic manner. Regardless of whether you do if fast or slow, a consistent rhythm will usually get your lover’s body to respond rhythmically as well and this will help in building the intensity of her experience towards orgasm. If you want to increase the speed of your lovemaking, do it gradually and in a way that allows you to maintain the lovemaking for as long as necessary to bring your lover to orgasm.

4. Be aware of where you are directing your sex partner’s mental focus as you lead her towards orgasm. Avoid bombarding her with multiple sensory distractions while having sex. Let her focus on her feelings as they build up. Some women focus on what I call mental aids e.g. dirty talk or fantasies to help them intensify their sexual pleasures to the point of orgasm. Interestingly, some reports suggest that a woman’s brain shuts off at the point of orgasm. You can assist this mental relaxation by setting the scene appropriately. Some women like to have soft music and soft lighting while others like the smell of scented candles or aromatherapy mineral oils. The more comfortable your partner is, the more likely she will let go and surrender to the experience of sexual release.

5. To give the best female orgasm you can, you need to train yourself and gain some level of self control. So instead of just observing signs from your partner, you should also observe mental and physical signs that are coming from yourself. These will help you adjust as necessary to avoid climaxing before your partner does.


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