Tuesday, 24 October 2017

‘Wonder Woman’ set to break the box office — and could put to rest this myth about superhero movies – CNBC

Hollywood has a tough time properly manifesting female superheroes on screen, but Warner Bros. has finally gotten it right with “Wonder Woman,” said comScore Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian, who has seen the film.

In his view, Warner scored a casting coup with lead actress Gal Gadot, and director Patty Jenkins has done the character justice.

“The way Patty Jenkins has directed this, there’s just so much depth to it. You feel that somebody really loves this character and understands her dynamic, her point of view,” he said.

“Wonder Woman” could also be the movie that gets Warner Bros. on track after the first three films in its interconnected DC Comics universe were commercial hits, but took critical drubbings, said Dergarabedian.

Movie Pilot’s Grauso agreed, noting that the dark, gritty tone used in DC films has left fans divided. She predicted “Wonder Woman” could be a breakout hit with the broader public, because it strikes a more optimistic note at a time when Americans are being inundated with bad headlines.

“She on her own is a very inspiring, uplifting character. It sends a really good hopeful, uplifting, inspiring message,” she said. “Right now, I think that’s something that fans and general audiences alike can rally around.”

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