Saturday, 21 October 2017

3 Stupid Mistakes Most Men Make in Bed – You Better be Aware of These Before It’s Too Late

So do you do everything right in bed every single time? You see the best possible way to know how good or bad you were in bed depends on your partners reactions. You see if she is truly happy with you she would tell you that she really enjoyed it and at the same time she would be willing to do it again and again with you even when you don’t make the first move. But there are some silly mistakes most men make in bed which totally screws up everything for them. Read on to discover what these mistakes are and what you can do about them…

Calling her dirty names in bed- Well this might be something some women seem to like out there but most women out there want to be respected more than they want to be liked therefore learn to show some respect towards her and never call her any dirty names in bed as that tends to kill all the passion and she would instantly get turned off.

Asking her whether you were good or not- You see when you ask such a question she would obviously say you were good but the very act of asking such a question means that you doubt yourself and probably want to know her opinion because you are not even sure about yourself. The best possible way to find out whether you were good or not is just to read her body language and that would tell you the whole story.

Asking her whether she has orgasmed yet or not- Some men have this strange habit of asking their partner whether she orgasmed or not while they are in the midst of an intercourse. You see when she is trying to orgasm asking such a question tends to disturb her rhythm and the passion instantly dies.


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