Saturday, 21 October 2017

Here's Why Most Guys Get Shot Down

When it comes to building a relationship, this all usually starts with the guys. Most women prefer and always stay if the man knows how to control what happens in the relationship. If you do not have that much experience with women, well, here are some tips you can follow to have better chances of avoiding getting "shot down". After all, when you have found that woman that you would like to spend the rest of your life with, you want to make sure that you will be able to do everything to make that relationship work.

Have you ever had a time that you felt that something is not quite right with the way things are happening with the woman you are dating? If so, then you are lucky to be sensitive enough to be aware that something bad might happen next. Some men are left in the dark confused of how a woman who seems to be enjoying their company and is compatible with them is actually not interested in having a romantic relationship.

Let us go over the usual three mistakes that men commit. These mistakes, when done, actually leave women not wanting to have anything to do with that guy except be friends with him.

The first mistake is waiting too long to make the move. This is one of the most important aspects in building a romance. Even if you are not attractive, witty, funny and perfect, you will never go wrong if you have mastered the right timing. You see, women have all these ideas and imaginations that the man they want would ever sweep them off their feet at the right time like it usually happens in romantic movies and novels.

Most dates start with men asking the woman for her name and phone number. Whenever you feel that it is already the right time to move, you should not hesitate for the fear of being rejected because if you wait for another time, it might be already too late.

Second mistake? Giving out too much information. During the first meetings, control yourself and only give the woman information she will only be needing so that she would be coming back for more. You give out all the pieces of information that she would like to know and you are giving her a view of what she would not like from you. If you reveal too much of your bad side too soon, you are just like pushing her away. So, the next time you open your mouth, better think twice about it.

Third mistake is being too nice. Although you should be nice to someone you just met, there is a big difference between being nice and being too nice. Women are the most sensitive of the genders and she will know if you are being real with her.

The next time you find a girl that you think is your type, keep these points in mind to keep you guided all through your dating escapades. Good luck!


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