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Tips For Women – How to Create Long-Term Satisfying Relationships

If you are meeting a guy for the first time, it can be a very nerve-wracking experience and yet extremely thrilling at the same time. If you are interested to know some tips so that you can prevent making unnecessary blunders that can cost you a great relationship, just read on. These tips are excellent for women who never seem to get past the first date into the second date or to successfully move through the first few months into a long term relationship. Sometimes the biggest mistake that prevails a woman from succeeding is a failure to realize some basic rules that govern effective dating and relationships with a man.

Let's look at some major blunders women make.

Tip # 1: Emotional Baggage
Do not talk about your ex-boyfriend-ex-fiancé, ex-husband or anyone or anything related to this past relationship that is over. He will start to assume that you are still into him and have not moved on from the relationship. This is a big mistake and not attractive. Let go of your past. Learn from it where you can and do not repeat the same mistakes with this new guy, the past is there to teach and guide you not to rule your present day.

Tip # 2: Fresh Perspective
Focus on the current relationship and remember what makes you happy and comfortable being with him. Do not make any form of comparison positive or negative, with your past lovers as that is unfair and unethical. Chances are if you make this unconsciously or even verbally without giving it much thought, you will lose your man in no time at all as he seeks other companionship with women who are mature enough to know this cardinal rule and obey it. If you are curious, just consider putting yourself in his shoes for a second. Would you tolerate another day being with a character like this?

Tip # 3: Be Yourself
Do not pretend to be someone else you are not! Even if you know that he adores the supermodel sex kitten types, which you, sometimes are not, do not pretent to be one. Your fake exterior will soon fizzle out when the passion dies out and he will realize that he has been tricked into a relationship with a woman who is a big pretender. Just be yourself and let the relationship blossom out naturally.

Tip # 4: Do Not Trap Him
Never ever push him into a situation he does not feel comfortable being in. Do not push your family or friends and introduce him as the boyfriend when he is not ready for such commitments and intimacies. Give him time and let the relationship unfold at a pace that is right for both of you.

Tip # 5: Compliments
If he gives you a compliment, thank him graciously and be sweet about it. Do not fish for compliments the whole evening as he will perceive you as an insecure person who ego needs to be stroked often to feel good about yourself. Chances are he will not see himself in this painful baby role and leave as fast as possible.

Tip # 5: Punctuality
Always be on time when meeting for a date. Nothing makes a person angrier than arriving late for an important date. It just shows that you are being disrespectful and do not care much about the other person's time and priorities. If you have to be late for some logical reasons, do text him or call him to let him know you will be a few minutes late. Above all, do not stand up and not appear on the scene at the agreed time and date.

Tip # 6: Share Opinions
Do not be a wimp who agrees with everything he says even when you do not. Instead, share your own thoughts and even if you do agree with the subject in question, make sure you add your own observations to facilitate the conversation, he will be appreciative of the insights you share and this will score points with him and puts you in A light that is favorable as someone possible for a long-term acquaintance.

Tip # 7: Be Independent
Do not hang on him every day and expect him to solve all of your problems just because you are dating each other. Do not be a pest and bother him unnecessarily through the day. Let him be free to do his things and you to do your own. By appearing independent and self assured, you certainly make a great impression on the guy as a possible subject of a lifetime partnership. He will be blown away with this beautiful lady who is capable and brilliant who possess all of the right habits to be a dependable life partner.

These are seven rules of dating that a woman should observe and follow if she wants to make a favorable impression on that special man. There is lots of dating advice that can be shared but these seven rules are some of the most important ones around to observe and adhere to. Obey these rules and you would find it easier to connect with the person you want and create a long-term and mutually fulfilling relationship that works for both of you.


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