Saturday, 21 October 2017

How To Attract Women With Qualification

A really important element in how to attract women is qualification. You're going to want to start doing it as soon as you've got some attraction going. Get right to it and do not waffle around. Most guys spend too much time building attraction when you only need a little to get started qualifying. She just needs to be attracted enough to you that she'll answer questions about herself.

You need her to start qualifying herself, and then you can ask deeper questions that get into relationships and sexuality. You really need to just do the bare minimum of attraction to get this started. The idea is to use qualification to get her to accept sexuality and get comfortable with it.

Part of using qualifications effectively is to use Frame Controlling Qualification. Frame control is really important in using this technique effectively. At first, you need to adopt the "screener frame." This means you're evaluating her to see if she measures up to your standards. When you first get started, you should have the screener frame in place. After all, she's trying to see if you meet up to her standards, so you should do likewise.

Whenever a girl asks you a question like "What do you do?" Or "Where are you from?" Of if she tells you, "I like this kind of guy," or something like that, she's trying to qualify you. You've got to avoid this at all costs. Whoever is qualifying themself is on the low end of the social power scale, and this is not where you want to be. The screener frame keeps you protected by this.

The way you use the screener frame is to start asking simple questions early on like, "Are you into adventure?" Egypt "Can you cook?" It shows that you're checking her out. Add a little bit of humor and this will work much better. In fact, ridiculous questions work really well in the screener frame phase, like, "Are you willing to take care of a guy, because I really want to sit around all day watching TV and playing video games. That? " Although it's just a joke, you can still use it to get lots of information about her.

The screener frame is just one way of using qualification in how to attract women. The important thing is that you're checking her out, not the other way around. You're trying to see if she's good enough for you. This is how you maintain social power in the interaction. Use it to find out about her.


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