Friday, 20 October 2017

Breast Implant Sizing System For Mommy Makeovers

Just because you have kids now does not mean that you should not feel sexy anymore! After having kids, many women decide to have breast enhancement as part of an overall plan to get that sexy body back!

Many women become self-conscious about their bodies after having kids. Pregnancy has lots of effects on a woman's body; the stomach and abdominal stretches, muscle is lost and fat is gained, stretch marks appear. It can be hard. Luckily, there is the plastic surgery option.

The mommy makeover is an overall plan that includes several different treatments.

To get rid of excess fat and skin, many women choose removal options such as liposuction.

To get rid of those stretch marks that appear and never go away again, you can have laser surgery so that they will not be visible.

And, for the changes to your bust, there is the option of breast augmentation.

For most women, after you go through pregnancy, your breasts will sag. They will lose the firmness they had before. You may find yourself changing cup sizes, either from a smaller to larger size or from bigger to smaller.

This can be quite a shock, and an unhappy reminder that aging takes its toll on your body. But, it does not have to stop you from having a body that you love.

A little surgery can help repair the damage done to your body by pregnancy. Just like you can remove the excess fat and skin, you can get back the firmness and shapeliness you once had.

Some women worry that breastfeeding feeding will cause shrinkage, and this is not true at all. The reason your bust shrinks after having a baby is that during pregnancy the milk glands get bigger and afterwards, they return to normal.

This happens naturally, whether you plan to breast feed or not. The glands replace fatty tissue, and after your pregnancy, the bust shrinks because the fat is no longer there.

The most common solution to this problem is implants. Implants were once a craze among Hollywood stars and the rich, but now it is common for moms to get implants.

This procedure is safe and can give you back the figure you had before your baby.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding feeding, the exact opposite can happen. Women often develop fatty deposits during pregnancy, as they gain overall weight to support the baby. The baby is born, and the stomach goes back down, but the fat is there to stay!

You may find yourself going UP a cup size rather than down, and being too large in proportion to your overall body size can cause back and neck problems.

This is another outpatient surgical operation that can be performed easily by a plastic surgeon. The doctor simply removes fatty tissue, extra skin and glandular tissue. The operation is called "mammoplasty."

Mammoplasty is safe, but it can cause problems with breastfeeding feeding in the future. If this is a concern for you, ask your doctor specifically about it during the consultation.

This is also called "mastoplexy." It is an operation often used with implants to give you more firmness. It does not make you bigger, but it gives you a lift and counteracts the sagginess that comes after pregnancy.

Mastoplexy is best for women with small breasts that have become saggy over time. By itself, it will not make as big a difference as other types of enhancement surgery can. But, it will help if you are drooping after giving birth.

Enlargement surgery should be just one part, along with fat removal, extra skin removal and some other minor plastic surgery.

There's no reason why you should not have a well shaped, healthy body after pregnancy. And who says moms can not still turn some heads? Give those breasts the extra lift they need, and you'll feel like your body is as good as new!


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